Ear Training Helpers

Learn and identify the sound of various musical pitch intervals through these familiar tunes!

Interval Ascending Descending
2nd Doe A Deer (Do Re Mi) Mary Had A Little Lamb
3rd Hey Jude Hey Jude
4th Here Comes The BrideAddams Family Theme (scale up) Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, Taps
5th Star Wars Theme (3rd to 4th note), Witch’s Guards March(Wizard of Oz), Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Witches’ Guards March(Wizard of Oz)
6th My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean Anchors Aweigh, last 3 measures
7th There’s A Place for Us(West Side Story)
8th/octave Somewhere Over the Rainbow Close Encounters Theme (middle) 

Audio files for other learning purposes:

The Syncopated Clock

The 12 Bar Blues