sharmusicI have been a Shar Music customer for over 30 years and always refer students there for instrument outfits, move-up instruments, bows, strings and accessories. I do not receive any kind of commission from Shar for recommending their products; in fact, many products are available to my students at a discount when they order by phone and give my name as their teacher. Shar ships quickly and provides excellent customer service.

Beginners will find month-to-month instrument rentals or purchases at very reasonable rates. Shar carries ready-to-play good quality student violins from 1/16 size up, as low as $15.99 a month, no minimum rental period. For guidance getting the correct size instrument for your student, click video below (sizing chart at 1:16):

With any musical instrument, you get what you pay for. I encourage families to rent or purchase the very best instrument and bow they can afford. Save money on the case instead! The rule of thumb is that a bow is properly matched to an instrument when it is worth about 1/3 the price of the instrument. In other words, don’t play a $600 violin with a $600 bow OR a $50 bow– look for a $200 bow instead, or else get an $1800 violin.

Here are my recommended violins and bows from Shar at several price points for each level.

Young Beginners (Level 1-2) in fractional size violins (1/8 – 3/4)

Franz Hoffmann Amadeus (for the youngest beginners)
Franz Hoffmann Prelude
Bow: Ask Shar for bow recommendation depending on instrument (no more than $75)

Middle-school Beginners (Level 1-2) in full-size violins

Franz Hoffman Concert
Franz Hoffmann Koe
Bow: A carbon fiber bow at about $100

High-school and Adult Beginners (Level 1-3) AND advancing younger students ready for a first full-size violin:

Carlo Lamberti Sonata $500 – this is “plenty of violin” for a beginner.
Bow: A carbon fiber bow at about $200

Advancing student (Level 4-6):

Carlo Lamberti Symphony $875
Snow Model SV200  $900 (approx. w/ teacher discount)
Carlo Lamberti Master Series Guarneri $1500
Bow: Presto Ovation Carbon Fiber $285 or pernambuco wood bow priced $300-$500

Upper-Intermediate student (Level 7-9):

Carlo Lamberti Master Series Guarneri $1500
Snow Model SV400  $1600
Bow: Presto Impulse Carbon Fiber $599 or pernambuco wood bow priced $400-$700

Advanced student (Level 10) or Lifelong Player (Adults Level 5 and up):

Recommended Shar option: John Cheng Limited Series Violin $2500
Also visit local shops to try out violins in the $1500-$3000 price range.
Bow: Pernambuco wood bow priced $500-$1000

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